About us

  • Infobarna SA, is a leading company in the Information Technology sector, created in 1988, specialized in IT solutions and services.
    Our goal is to maximize synergies in the development of management optimize investments in technology and increase productivity, making companies more competitive.
    With a clear character of specialization, we focus our activity on the provision of services in the following areas:
    Computer consulting
    Sale Hardware, Components and spare parts
    Technical service
    Energy efficiency
    Throughout our history as a supplier of technological solutions, Infobarna has achieved important alliances with the main manufactures in hardware, software and services. As a result, Infobarna offers its customers a single IT solutions provider.
    The continuous evolution of the market, forces us to keep up, so among other certifications we have following:

    SELECT Expert Data Management
    SELECT Expert Virtual Client Computing
    SELECT Expert Advanced Client Solutions
    SELECT Expert Data Protection
    SELECT Expert Integrated Systems
    SELECT Expert Workstations
    SELECT Expert Mobility Solutions
    SELECT Expert Servers